Mind The Manners

Why is it socially acceptable to be rude to mathematicians?

Here's an all to familiar exchange:

So what do you do?

(some answer relating to studying mathematics).

Ohhhh! I've always hated math!

Lets unpack this.

Suppose you're a journalist, who hears a response along the lines of "Oh, wow! I've always hated the news!"

Would that be okay?

So why is it okay to say this to people who study or practice mathematics?

Why is our culture faced with such negative perceptions of the subject? Can't we at least be more polite with the response? Why not approach it with curiosity instead of fear? Ask what they do on an average day, or what drew them to the field. Be NICE! =)

A More Insidious Example:

No, I will not "Like" your page...  -_-

No, I will not "Like" your page... -_-

Here's a call to action:

Please mind the manners.

(and share this page).

Join the Club.

Here's a Washington Post article about Math Anxiety spreading like a virus.

Mind the Math