Advertising Mathematics

Mathematics has changed my life for the better. It has enriched my understanding of the sciences that have always captured my attention and has provided me with avenues to explore artistic ideas.

When I arrived at graduate school, I became increasingly involved in education, and began taking on projects in the service of disseminating helpful information about how mathematics is present in our every day lives.

This website (MindTheMath), was created in 2014, with nebulous language about how mathematics is all around us, and I have since worked continuously on improving my ability to convince people that mathematics is not intimidating, but rather a language that enables you to dissect and understand almost anything.

To this end, I have attempted to put a nice bow on mathematics outreach by creating colorful posters to promote events that I organized as President of the CU Denver Student Chapter of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) and Vice-President/Outreach-Coordinator of Math Club over the course of two years. Cumulatively, we received nearly $10,000 in grants and endowments from Student Government Association and similar student-oriented-outreach funding sources.

This blog post is meant to be a highlight of some of the more involved advertising campaigns we undertook. I originally edited everything in Photoshop and Illustrator, but towards the end of my tenure on the executive boards, I switched to Canva so that future members would not be hampered by licensed software requirements and could edit templates themselves free of charge.

My proudest achievement was the Math Club logo:


"Math or Art?"

This was the most ambitious and well-funded event I have coordinate to date. I oversaw the communicate and management of five organizations in putting this event together. It was in effect a crafting workshop with a geometric inclination that served to present a number of small "teachable moments" from either the history (or bleeding edge) of mathematics.

Participants took home whatever they created.


Next, the advertising campaign for our semester-ly study hall. This was definitely the most involved effort and I think a strong contender for most successful.

Study Hall

For this campaign, we printed about a hundred 8.5x11 posters and probably twice that many half-sized fliers that we put up all over campus. Our attendance numbers were the highest they have ever been, seeing just over 350 students over the course of the two-day event. Snacks (fruits, nuts, chips, sodas, etc) and coffee were plentiful and lunches were purchased for the volunteers. The budget was remarkably low on a per-student basis, coming out to just over a dollar per student. The Student Government Association was the sole funding source for the event and it could not have happened at this scale without their support.

Selected Posters from other Events

Most of these speak for themselves.

Grad_School_Panel Poster.jpg
Poker Night Poster.jpg

I will post images from the Math || Art event, as well as some of our materials and planning documents in a separate blog post at a future time.