Democratizing Data-Driven Decision-Making


Our Mission

Risk assessment has been restrained to the spheres of the largest organizations for too long.

We believe that every company should have access to the analysis of unique risks and uncertainties inherent to their operations.

We work with individuals and companies that want to know the answer to one question that takes on many forms:

What if?

We help clients identify the risks they face. Our proprietary methods yield a flexible set of decisions that lead to success under uncertainty. 

We will not tell you what to do, but we will show you how.



Our Values

Data is nothing
without delivery.

We provide simple actionable insights to complex problems and messy data. 

By prioritizing clarity of exposition and communication, we allow clients to focus on making decisions.

Sustainability and Stewardship.

We believe that businesses are motivated by more than just their bottom lines.

Whether it is environmental harm reduction, prioritizing time over money, or anything else, your corporate priorities and goals dictate our direction. 

Responsible Growth is good growth.

We offer a range of services to help business scale their growth at a sustainable rate.

By addressing risks and identifying pathways to success, we give our clients more confidence in their futures.



Our Services


To questions of uncertain costs, revenues, or time.

Risk Assessment

What are the risk factors involved?

Where are future projections trending?

How do I scale this service or product?

What can I expect as an outcome of this campaign?

Quality Assurance

How do I maintain a consistent product?

What are the flaws in manufacturing?

When can we we know this is safe?

What is the range of acceptable variability in my production process? 

Decision Support

What are the consequences of (in)action?

Is one strategy better than the other?

How do I allocate funds for this grant/program/campaign?

Did I price my items correctly?


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